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Wedding Season



Welcome to Spring and for some of us, what seems like an endless string of weddings that have plenty of parties attached to them – engagement, shower, his & hers, stock the bar, bachelorette, and a lot of other creative type of gatherings to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of good friends.  What to get them….always a hard one.  Getting a registered gift, of course, is always the easiest and thoughtful.  But, when you want to go a little deeper and make an impact, we have some goodies for you at Lolli’s. Sure, the China is nice – but it’s only used for major holidays and events and then eventually passed on to the children.  Furthermore, those gifts are usually opened in the quiet of their home before or after the wedding.  When you want to bring about big smiles at the parties that lead up to the day, we’ve got you covered.  Gifts with meaning. One that might be a part of everyday life and remind the couple of the happy and fun time leading up to the big day – that we all know goes by way too fast.

Nora Fleming Platters and Minis. Quite possibly one of the most innovative things to come along to the china, flatware and giftware party.  Each time you entertain; celebrate! Plain white platter or plate can be transformed into the flavor of the night immediately by putting in one of the many minis – from holiday icons to high heeled shoes for women or a grill, a football, even a NASCAR flag for men…the list is endless and makes the perfect gift that the happy couple will use continually.

Catstudio at Lolli’s! Glasses, (that house the PERFECT Tom Collins and Mint Julep) Towels and Pillows. Where did the couple meet?  We have the item with the City and all the important stomping grounds on it. Their first vacation? Are they from different cities?  Any city, or vacation destination, national park, college town, beach town, island getaway and more is painted safely on the glasses or sewn by hand into the pillows and towels, each takes weeks to sew.  Give the gift of memories to the bride and groom to be!

Faceplant Pillows will remind the newlyweds of the famous quote to “Kiss me every night” and ensure marital bliss by inspiring them with these “Sweet Dream”  pillowcases.  Some for men, some for women. Remind them to “Live, Laugh, Love” and more. This is a gift that will be used for many years to come..

How about a fun gift, something to stock the newlyweds’ bar? Refresh Glasses – made from used wine bottles and carefully sculpted into the coolest set of glasses you will find. Feel good about this gift, too, as 70% of wine bottles usually go straight to landfills. This company saves thousands of bottles a week with the goal of “rescuing” 1 million per year.  The bottles have their own story, where they were filled, what was in them and an occasion for their use. Their shape, color and thickness make fantastic vessels, in fun colors, for a favorite drink.

Add some “soul to the home” by giving the gift of a Sugarboo Frame! Vintage, reclaimed wood, hand crafted with wonderful messages painted on them.  Give the couple a piece of happiness to look at each day hanging on their wall.  Find a quote that reminds you of them – that will inspire them to remember the days before the wedding.

The bottom line – make it fun. Everyone wants to give the best wedding gift possible. Bypass the registry and give them something they had NO IDEA they needed and wanted. Something to use during the fun times – once they are past the whirlwind of parties leading up to the wedding, and then past the day itself. Coming home from a honeymoon is always a bit sad – wouldn’t it be fun to shake up a cocktail and throw it in a Catstudio glass and remember all that just went on? I think so.  Surely they won’t be setting out a China Place Setting until the first holiday.

Flying Pig Marathon















The Flying Pig Marathon is just 2 weeks away!! I want to share a poem that I received when I was just a sophomore in high school. A teammate  gave it to me right before I ran the state Cross Country meet at the Kentucky Horse Park.  Over 20 years later, it still sums up all the reasons I run.  If you are a runner, you will relate.  If you aren’t, well, now you might “get it”.  No matter, I hope this inspires everyone to run, or at least, get out and cheer the runners on.

Why do I run?

Those who don’t can’t understand.

The pain is real every day

Is it easier now?  Not really – – –

The same pain I felt the first day  I began.

Only easier to cover greater distances in shorter periods of time.

The pain is the same, and I understand  it always will be.

I dread it, and in a sense I crave it.

Why do I run?

To stay in shape, to keep my health,

To feel better- – – all partial reasons;   I suppose.

The real reason is confirmation – – -confirmation

that I am in control.

Every day I must make a choice – – – a choice

to experience pain and discomfort in order

to achieve a higher goal or to give in to

the body’s urging to do something else more

comfortable and pleasurable.

Who is in control? My body or me?

Every time I run, I verify to me that

I am in control and that I can be the

master if my own destiny.

That  is ultimately why I run.

I feel guilty when I don’t run – – –

when the body wins

Running is a test of my strength

not just my physical – – -but my mental.

Running is a challenge of my “will” – –

of mind over matter, of me

against myself.

Running is mental conditioning as well

as physical.

It’s therapy of the “will” for me.

Each run is success – – the richest and

most deeply satisfying.

Strangely but unmistakenly tied to self – discipline,

self- denial and self- control.

In a world where I often feel helpless,

victimized and controlled, running

helps revive feelings of hope, strength,

and conviction that

I can make a difference


I can be responsible for me.

An addiction of choice, you say.

and you’re right — there’s a danger.

So long as I “choose,”  the value remains

true and real;

So long as I control running and not

running — me.

Positive addiction or not, the value

is in choosing.

When the choice is gone, I become

controlled and victimized again,

One more thing in life that tells me

I am not in control, that

I am simply a pawn of fate and circumstance.

I must run as a choice, not out of necessity

or its real value again is gone for me.

Why do I run?

Run for success, success in the

ultimate contest.

The contest of me against myself.


There are no rules and there is no “right” way to create traditions. However, they are so necessary and important…..they are the glue that keeps a family together. These rituals get passed down from generation to generation….they help shape your family and create a sense of unity. Traditions create memories and fill our minds and our hearts with peace, love, happiness, security and a sense of belonging. They do not have to be extravagant, require a lot of planning or even cost a fortune. These simple, meaningful gestures can make all the difference to you, your children and your grandchildren….they can create a feeling of closeness within a family that is priceless.

I am not sure what it is about the Spring Season. Maybe it is bright skies, the birds singing, the blooming flowers or the feel of the lush green grass under our feet. Or maybe it is that we all have/create a little more time to slow down, take time for ourselves and our family, to create little rituals….traditions. With Spring, windows are open and we begin to migrate outside and spend countless hours in the back yard. Playdates and Happy Hours are bountiful. The flip flops find their way out of the closet. Keeneland opens and the community comes together for the Opening Day Parade. We dye Easter eggs, take walks for ice cream, and enjoy our Sunday mornings scouring the the outdoor antiques shows.

Springtime brings a sense of optimism and inspires possibilities. It is a time to open your heart, to feel, create, visualize and embrace the simple things in life. Enjoy your Spring and more importantly have fun creating your traditions and those lasting memories.

Candle burning

 Candle burning in an important part of our culture. At some point in our life, most of us will burn a candle. Whether it is for religious reasons, to make a wish come true, create an atmosphere, to relieve stress, or to add luxury to everyday living, we all want to find the “perfect one”.  At lolli’s you will find an assortment of candles crafted with natural soy wax, palm and beeswax, creamy coconut wax and food-grade paraffin. Each product line is unique and intriguing on its own. Whether you choose a subtle fragrance or an energizing scent, your home is sure to become a beautiful and inviting space.
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It takes a village

This ancient African Proverb teaches eternal truth. We’d all like to think that we live in a place where it is safe to keep our doors unlocked, to let the kids play outside, where the only gangs and drugs we encounter are on television. Unfortunately this is not the case. Today, instead of worrying about acne, puberty and what they will do after graduation, our teens are faced with life-changing and life-threatening issues. Now, it is more important than ever, to be a “Village”.  Life is easier when you are part of a network of friends and family, a community, a neighborhood.  You need the support to raise a child and weather the storms of life. So much we do not have control of, but this we do. Go – make your neighborhood your “Village” and find the support, friendship and happiness our communities need and we as individuals long for.




When was the last time you met a friend for dinner? Made a new friend?  Studies have shown  that as we get older it becomes harder to develop new friendships and to find the time to keep up with existing ones.  Friendships take a back seat to other priorities. Work, children and everyday activities take precedence.  And, often times friends grow apart due to changes in your life or a difference in interest. However, friendships play a major impact on our health and well-being. Good friends are important. They make us feel energized and happy. A good friend celebrates not only the good times, but provides support during the bad. They boost our self confidence, make us laugh, prevent loneliness, listen to us vent, are trust worthy, speak the truth……But more importantly, we can be perfectly imperfect around them.
Grab a Friend (or two) and share the experience of lolli’s this Thursday night…..

Carpe Diem

What a week! Wednesday was an absolutely beautiful day in Cincinnati!  I must admit that I was a little jealous of all the people I saw run or quickly push a stroller past lolli’s window. I felt like I was back in school….staring out the window and anxiously waiting for 3:10 to come so I could run outside and play. Don’t you remember those days? However, as the day went on, I realized I was exactly where I wanted to be. Sure, it would be nice to be outside running, taking a walk or even at the mall shopping, but instead I was working, running a business and more importantly helping clients pick out the perfect items for either themselves or someone else…..I was living my dream. I had taken a chance. I had followed my heart.  I know there will be highs and lows, but what it comes down to is being able to say “I did it!”